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View of Albuquerque from Sandia Mountains

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In the early morning hours of Thursday, March 11, thieves broke into facilities at the Alameda Little League fields and stole nearly $20,000 worth of equipment. Previously this year, Westgate Little League also suffered a major loss of thousands of dollars in theft and damage. The City of Albuquerque Parks and Recreation Department, in partnership with the One Albuquerque Fund, are raising money in an effort to help these Little Leagues recover from these devastating losses so that their kids can play ball this summer. The One ABQ Fund will match up to $10,000 of donations made.

Albuquerque faces many challenges. We see them daily — crime stories that splash across the evening news, far too many people experiencing homelessness on our streets, and families without the services or opportunities needed to escape cycles of poverty.

These issues aren’t new and we know that no one person or organization can do this alone. That’s why we have all stepped up to help meet these challenges together, with the goal of engaging partners in the community for years to come by joining the One Albuquerque Fund. 

We’ve seen the transformation of city government over the past couple of years toward taking action on our deepest challenges, but many of us didn’t know how we could get involved and contribute. The One Albuquerque fund was created to change that and give more opportunities for individuals and organizations to give back to our community. 

But the government alone will not solve our problems. From the start, Mayor Keller has made it clear that it will take a community-wide effort of each of us devoting our time, talent and even money to help solve these deep-rooted problems.

We support our community through five key initiatives:

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One Albuquerque Fund

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