Black Investment Fund – Nonprofit Organization Application


One Albuquerque Fund was granted one million dollars ($1,000,000) for Black-Owned businesses and organizations that work within the Black community.

Who may apply:

For-profit Black-Owned businesses and nonprofit organizations who serve the Black community.

Eligible Organization:

Applicants must meet all the following conditions:
 Community-Based Organization with a Federal 501c3 tax-exempt status.
 The organization must serve the City of Albuquerque's Black residents.
 The organization's principal place of business is located within Albuquerque's city limits.

Awards Amounts and Duration Award
Sizes of awards will vary. Eligible organizations can be funded up to $20,000. Funds must be used within one year. The use of funds will be evaluated during this period.

Application Review & Awards:
One Albuquerque Fund Steering Committee is composed of neutral, qualified individuals selected for their experiences. The steering committee will review and score applications and submit recommendations for One Albuquerque Fund Board Members' awards.

Evaluation Criteria:
Due to the anticipated number of submissions and limited funding, applications will be ranked based on predetermined priorities.

Applicant's proposal submissions will be objectively reviewed against the following criteria:
● Impact
o Does the organization primarily serve the Black community.
o The adverse effects the organization has experienced due to COVID-19.

● Need
o Rental Assistance
o Housing/Shelter
o Food
o Health/Wellness
o Safety 
● Viability
Viability is defined as the ability to survive or persist. In a business sense, that ability to survive is ultimately linked to financial performance and position.

o Services rendered are vital to the Black community.

If selected:

Selected applicants must be able to provide additional information and documents upon request.

Award Notification

Award letters will be sent via email. For successful applicants, the Letter of Agreement will contain funding restrictions, programmatic and administrative requirements. Reporting documents should include the total budget along with the amount of grant funding for the program.

Submission Guidelines

Applications are due no later than July 19, 2021 at 5:00 PM MST . All applications will be recorded upon receipt. Applications received after at 5:00 PM are disqualified and will not be forwarded to the steering committee for funding considerations. Any additions or deletions to an application, unless requested by the steering committee, will not be accepted after the deadline of July 19, 2021, at 5:00 PM. One Fund Albuquerque Steering Committee is not responsible for unreadable and/or out-of-order submissions. Incomplete applications and/or missing documents WILL NOT be considered.

Email submissions only. Please submit your complete application to:

Nicole Bedford
If you have questions, you can call: (505) 322-9604 (Mailed applications will not be accepted)

(Disqualified if less than a year)
(Including yourself)
(If no, we can work with you in securing good standing for the Organization to receive funding)

*Attachments Required

The City of Albuquerque One Albuquerque Fund is a government entity and subject to the New Mexico Inspection of Public Records Act (Sections 14-2-1 et seq., NMSA 1978). Notwithstanding anything contained herein to the contrary, the City or One Albuquerque Fund shall not be responsible to the applicant for any disclosure of confidential information pursuant to the Inspection of Public Records Act or pursuant to the City of Albuquerque's public records act laws, rules, regulations, instructions, or other legal requirement or disclosure made for any other lawful purpose.
Organizations must deposit the grant check in the organization's checking account.
Organizations must agree to provide a report about the grant funds' use and results from one year after receipt.
Please include copies of the following documents with your application:

◻ Current 501cs Certification
◻ Current 990 or Current Article of Good Standing
◻ Copy of your NM CRS Documentation
CERTIFICATIONS I hereby certify and warrant that the organization meets all eligibility requirements applicable to the grant. All representations or statements made or furnished by me to the One Albuquerque Fund – Black Investment Fund connected with this application are true and correct in all material respects. Any material misstatements or misrepresentations may be grounds for withdrawing or requiring reimbursement of an award. I understand that it is a criminal violation under New Mexico law to engage in deception and knowingly make, or cause to be made, directly or indirectly, a false statement in writing to procure funds from One Albuquerque Fund, a state agency, or subdivision, or to misuse public funds.
I acknowledge and agree that the One Albuquerque Fund has the discretion to award assistance as it sees fit. The aid is subject to the availability of funding. There is no guarantee of help even if applicants meet eligibility requirements. Upon successful completion of the application, the grantees will be scored on a first-come, first-served basis.

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